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Raw! Rough! Dirty!

REVERSE (Facebook ) are from Dorsten, a small town at the edge of the so called „Ruhrpott“. By the way, it’s my former hometown where I grew up. Unfortunately, the band didn’t exist yet, otherwise I would have visited all the concerts there for sure. Because the guys deliver cool sound, which makes a lot of fun. On 11.12.2020 they have released their album „Deadlocked“, which rocks with 10 powerful songs.

Little boys no more

REVERSE have already gained plenty of experience and have already gained an international audience and fans. REVERSE originally formed in 2004 and rocked their youthful asses off in various youth centers in the „Ruhrpott“ area. In the meantime, they took a break, only to reunite in 2014 with new fresh energy and continue to live their dream. With Kurt Ebelhäuser ( producer BEATSTAKES, DONOTS, GUANO APES…) two EPs were produced („Build My Throne“, „Glasgow Kiss“). In March 2020 the album „Sonics“ was released, but unfortunately had no chance at all to promote the thing live because of fucking Corona. During the forced break they used this time to work on the further songs. REVERSE wanted to bring in some new fresh ideas without neglecting the typical raw REVERSE sound. And what came out of that on „Deadlocked“?

Grunge Rock

with punky influences promise a lot of fun. And this promise is also kept. This can be seen directly after the first beats and sounds of the opener „Bored“, which lets anything but boredom arise. With casual cool riffs it is started and the singer starts once with a loose entrance. In between it goes but then directly right to the point and the aggressive sound smashes directly into your face. The snotty smoky voice of singer Chris goes powerful to the point and fits perfectly to the earthy grunge rock sound of REVERSE. This is already a good „Omen“, which brings us to the next track, which also skilfully rocks back and forth between quieter, casual parts and raw in-your-face parts. Time for


is still a long way off. Because now it really starts. After the first two songs have already heated us up well, the post can really go off with „Goodbye“. The lively rocker with a good shot of punk in the blood goes off like hell. This is exactly the right song to totally freak out! Have fun with the video to the song…

Energy and Coolness

REVERSE show on the whole album. The songs are all short and crisp and straight to the point. Two minutes have to be enough sometimes. Nothing complicated, but simple excellent entertainment, which leads here and there with pleasure up to the total escalation, see for example „Suicidal Happiness“. Of course, these are also all damn good live burners that carry away the metalheads. You should always keep your throat moist and supple, because the choruses definitely invite you to bawl along. Remains as a conclusion that REVERSE are a damn cool troop. You literally burn for the fact that it finally starts again with live concerts and you can rage down the hut with REVERSE.

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