Crusade of Bards beim Vorab-Interview zum Mead & Greed 2020

Óla. Kommt uns von spanisch vor. Ist es auch. Denn mit den Madrielen von Crusade of Bards bekommt das diesjährige Mead & Greed Festival internationales Flair. Wir als offizieller Medienpartner haben natürlich die Band im Vorfeld für euch gesprochen. Wir berichteten hier noch auf Deutsch über das Festival im Allgemeinen. Heute nun in englischer Sprache unser Interview mit Crusade of Bards. Los geht´s…

1. Question: Hello or better „Buenos Dias“, girls and guys from Crusade of Bards. Please introduce yourselves to our readers of, if they don´t know you yet…

Crusade of Bards stellen sich vor

Avast to y’all!! We are Crusade of Bards from Madrid, Spain. The crew is lead by our Captain Eleanor Tenebre on vocals, „The Bard“ Paolo Andreotti on keyboards and backing vocals, Adrian „The Time Knitter“ Carrero at guitar, Lara „Percia“ Garrido at Bass and Jorge „You“ Homobono on drums. Sometimes, the good old „Low Ed Silver“ Eduardo Guilló from doom metal band Sun Of The Dying joins us as a second singer. We define ourselves as a Symphonic Pirate Metal Band born with the aim of mixing classical and folk sounds with the power and harshness of modern heavy metal, bringing a unique identity to life.

2. Wow, so the Mead & Greed Festival in Oberhausen becomes International with you coming from Spain. Did you ever played in the German Steel Belt Area where the town Oberhausen belongs to so far?

Deutschland ist was Besonderes

We are very pleased to be part of this year’s Mead & Greed. Some of us (Paolo and Jorge) played last year with our other band Sechem at the Helvete Club but for Crusade of Bards is the first time in the Steel Belt and only one week after that, we will come back to Bochum at the Café Central with Semblant and Secret Rule. Germany is a very special place for us and we always love to come playing here. It may be strange for a Spanish band but we do play more shows in Germany than in Spain.

3. The aim of this festival is to bring different styles of Folk, Pagan, Middleage Rock and Metal together. Another aim of the festival organizers is to set a sign against Racism and right violence. This is the reason why our magazine supports this festival idea beeing the official media partner. How is your attitude to all this?

Gegen Gewalt und Rassismus

These are all prerogatives for the band as well. In Crusade of Bards we have always kept the fight against violence and racism as a banner and always tried to put gender equality on the plate. We like to think at ourselves as a band for all ages and this has to be tied with the sharing of such values.

Crusade Of Bards 2019

4. Coming to your band. You published your first album called „Tales Of Bards & Beasts“ in November 2019. Are you satisfied with the result?

Spanier mit deutschem Label

We are more than satisfied with it. It is not common for a band from Spain to sign a contract with a great label like Pride & Joy Music (also from Germany) and to be able to release worldwide your very first album. The feedback we had from all the reviews, radio stations, channels, medias and all the new bards and pirates joining our crew has been overwhelming.

5. So I guess we will here a lot of songs from the new CD. Well, please tell us why the audience can look forward seeing you playing live on stage?

Tipp für die Fans: trinkt doch ein paar Bierchen!

The live experience of Crusade Of Bards is just something very different. Of course you will hear some tunes from our album but if there’s something that can be only experienced in a gig is our live action. Warm-up, drink some beer, stretch yer peg-legs, because you will definitely bust some moves!

6. That sounds like there is coming up a cool Symphonic Pirate Metal show for the german fans. So the last word belongs to our interview guest. So please what do you want to say to your old and new fans, readers of our magazine and ticket owners of the Mead & Greed Festival?

Teil der größten Piratenparty ever

We are so grateful towards Marc and all the organization for giving to a newcomer band like us the chance to perform at this great event. Thank you to Metal Heads for your coverage and to all the fans, be sure to arrive early at the Resonanzwerk in Oberhausen, because Saturday, March the 28th you will be part of the biggest pirate party you’ve ever seen. 

7. Thank you very much for taking you time for this interview. Muchas Gracias!

Thank you for your interview! See you soon!

Hier geht´s zum Facebook-Auftritt von Crusade of Bards!

Ein Hinweis in eigener Sache

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  • Crusade Of Bards 2019: Crusade Of Bards
  • Crusade Of Bards 2019: Crusade Of Bards
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