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with ass-kick guarantee is announced with the troop of DRAGGED UNDER (Facebook) from the USA. Their music is composed of the different areas of Rock and Metal, but they don’t lose their individuality. I first noticed DRAGGED UNDER with the song „Hypochondra“. With that, DRAGGED UNDER caught my attention. It is dark, aggressive and an insanely energetic track.

In general they offer alternative powerful Metal, which is partly based on the catchy melodic sound of the 90s. They also don’t shy away from pushing the gas pedal all the way to the limit and they like to drive through dirty off-road terrain. On 13.11.2020 DRAGGED UNDER will release their debut album „The World Is In Your Way“ under the label MASCOT RECORDS in a Deluxe Edition, which includes two new bonus songs.

DRAGGED UNDER have a biting tiger in their tank. So you can find some good mood rock numbers with a punk attitude like „Feel It“ or „Chelsea“. Often there is an escalation when Toni lets the tiger out and spices up the songs with a furious load of aggressive core. This mixture is…

highly flammable.

With the video from the socially critical song „Riot“ you get an impression of how the boys go out and party on stage. They really have fire in their asses and therefore the spark easily jumps over to the audience, so that a fire develops quickly and the hut burns.

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Here is a comment from singer Tony about the song:

“Life, social media, the news can drag you under. Facebook, Twitter and all these things are just to distract you. We realize that the world is trying to drag us down. Maybe there are people in your life who try to prevent you from succeeding. And only when these people are out of the way you can really do your thing. You can only trust yourself. There is no minority that is smaller than the individual.”

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DRAGGED UNDERS are not a bit quiet, they really kick ass. The music races into the ears with explosive craziness paired with catchy hooks.

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Seit meiner Kindheit höre ich gerne Rockmusik. Es hat mit Gary Moore, Scorpions, Billy Idol, Bon Jovi, Dire Straits, AC/DC usw. angefangen, also quasi mit den Großen der 80'er und 90'er Jahre. Mit zunehmendem Alter ging der Musikgeschmack immer mehr auch in die härtere Richtung. So finden sich mittlerweile auch viele Core-Platten, so wie Black-und Death-Metal Kracher in meiner Sammlung. Daher bin ich in fast allen Bereichen des Rock und Metal unterwegs. Eine besondere Vorliebe habe ich für den Underground entwickelt, wo es richtig brennt und es viele hochklassige Bands gibt, die den Großen der Branche in nichts nachstehen, ganz im Gegenteil. In diesen Sinne: Stay tough, stay heavy!

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