NOFX – „‚First Ditch Effort“ VÖ: 07.10.16 – neues Video zu „Oxy Moronic“


haben einen neuen Videoclip veröffentlicht. Dieser  entstand in Zusammenarbeit mit der Comedy-Plattform „Funny Or Die“ und verspottet die Pharmaindustrie.

Fat Mike dazu:
„Ich dachte, es wäre eh sinnlos, aber dann. Dann habe ich unseren neuen Song ‚Oxy Moronic‘ einfach mal zu meinem Freund bei Funny Or Die geschickt. Er spielte ihn einigen Leuten vor und überraschend fragten sie uns, ob sie ein Video dazu drehen dürfen! Wie cool ist das?!?!?! Daraufhin holten sie ein paar Freunde aus der Comedy-Szene die im Video zu sehen sind. Sogar dieser Typ von ‚Sons Of Anarchy‘ ist dabei!“

Der Song wird auf dem am 07.10. erscheinenden Studio-Album „First Ditch Effort“ (Fat Wreck/Edel) vertreten sein.

Vorfreude auf das kommende Album

Das lässt die Freude auf die neue Scheibe ansteigen.

Noch ein paar Worte im Original zur Band und zum neuen Release.

Let’s be real: What’s really left to say about NOFX? For over thirty years the reigning kings of punk rock have remained relevant by continuing to push the boundaries of their music, lyrics and good taste in a way that’s as endearing as it is infectious. For that reason it’s remarkably apt that the band’s latest LP First Ditch Effort is also their thirteenth.

Because ominous black clouds hang over this collection of songs, that see frontman/bassist Fat Mike exploring self-loathing and mortality in a more raw and honest way than he ever has before.

Mike credits much of this to the writing process behind NOFX. The Hepatitis Bathtub And Other Stories, the band’s New York Times Bestselling memoir that forced him to confront his ghosts and revisit his past in ways that weren’t always comfortable.

Ein sehr persönliches Release

“This album is more personal than anything I’ve ever done before because once we put everything out there in the book it opened all of these doors are far as what I want to sing about” Fat Mike explains. However this wouldn’t sound like a NOFX album without powerful performances from guitarists Eric Melvin and El Hefe as well as drummer, Smelly.

In that spirit this album also marks the first time that Melvin helped write songs and his contributions to “It Ain’t So Lonely At The Bottom” and “I Don’t Like Me Anymore”. That, as well as his signature vocals on the opener “Six Years On Dope” add a visceral impact to these songs that will surprise even the band’s most hardcore fans. “It’s like you don’t expect it, what the fuck?” Mike says of the aforementioned opener. “That song reminds me of the Angry Samoans meeting the Bronx.

And I don’t think there’s anything that sounds like it.”

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