NIGHTMARE- „Aeternam“ (english)

Power Metal par excellence

Release 2020-10-02

The French band NIGHTMARE ( Facebook )has been around for more than 30 years now! Not much is left of the original line-up. Only Yves Campion has accompanied the band since its inception, apart from the break between 1988 and 1999. But that was a long time ago and we want to look ahead or rather devote ourselves to the present. And there is only good news to report. The pre-released title song „Aeternam“ from the album blew me away, because this is a perfectly arranged Power Metal song that is uncompromisingly hard and rough. The song was garnished by an epic chorus, which is a nice contrast to the wild instrumentation in the verses. Even a rocking guitar solo is on top of it. No wishes left unfulfilled!

Maximum power

So let’s see if the rest of the album can keep up the level and if there are any surprises. The dark galloper „Divine Nemesis“ also promises complete power metal artistry and was also served as an appetizer in advance.

The whole album takes the listener away into a dark colossal world. Sometimes symphonic elements are included and intensify the atmosphere.

I consider the new singer Madie (Faith In Agony), who has replaced her predecessor Maggy Luyten, to be one outstanding feature of the current line-up. She delivers a great show with her rock voice, but also masters the clean melodic parts and creates an epic component, which now and then gains even more power with a supporting chorus.

In the metal forge

NIGHTMARE have certainly given their sound a considerable degree of hardness. The overall concept is very well balanced and offers best entertainment in different forms. Every song offers its own little world. This is the way to go. There are rude dark hymns here, which I have not often heard from this music sector in such a sophisticated and top arranged way. The highlights on the album are very numerous. In the middle of the album there is the very cool and robust ballad „Crystal Lake“, which takes a little bit of speed. Especially the mystical beginning with the melodic seductive vocals introduces the song very nicely. Afterwards the song „Lights On“ offers a dynamic rock anthem with its hot wild guitar solo entry.

Way into the dark

The song „Lights On“ serves as an entertaining and refreshing interlude before the album continues to follow the path into the dark. „Aeternam“ forms the transition into the dark world. For me, „Under The Ice“ is another mega song that creates a powerful impressive atmosphere. Skilful tempo and mood changes, with sometimes dark deep male vocals adding to the dark atmosphere. The riffs are awesome and the lead guitar rushes horny through the song. The guitar solos are first-class and surprise the listener completely unexpectedly. Just awesome!

The male vocal part is a regular feature of the last songs and is superbly integrated. So also with the last song „Anneliese“. Sounds harmless, but it is not at all. Vocally, it is probably the most varied song on the whole album, with many surprising facets.


Of course NIGHTMARE don’t sound like they did 30 years ago. That should be obvious. NIGHTMARE in 2020 stands for high-quality modern Power-Metal and continues the way of the last albums consequently and gives the sound a harder expression. With the new singer Madie they have made a real stroke of luck. She is very versatile and shines in a classic rough rock tube voice, but can act in a sensitive melodic way. And with the rest of the band she has fantastic support, all of whom deliver an amazing performance. Pushing drums, rousing rough wild guitar riffs, outstanding guitar solos and a dynamic powerful bass give the formidable singer a great support. The male vocal parts give the sound a new twist and a dark sharpness. For me, the band has taken the right path and creates a highlight in their career. The quality is extraordinary. The album is definitely one of the best power metal albums of the year for me. I hope that NIGHTMARE will continue their way in the current line-up.

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Seit meiner Kindheit höre ich gerne Rockmusik. Es hat mit Gary Moore, Scorpions, Billy Idol, Bon Jovi, Dire Straits, AC/DC usw. angefangen, also quasi mit den Großen der 80'er und 90'er Jahre. Mit zunehmendem Alter ging der Musikgeschmack immer mehr auch in die härtere Richtung. So finden sich mittlerweile auch viele Core-Platten, so wie Black-und Death-Metal Kracher in meiner Sammlung. Daher bin ich in fast allen Bereichen des Rock und Metal unterwegs. Eine besondere Vorliebe habe ich für den Underground entwickelt, wo es richtig brennt und es viele hochklassige Bands gibt, die den Großen der Branche in nichts nachstehen, ganz im Gegenteil. In diesen Sinne: Stay tough, stay heavy!

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