Interview mit Jeff Scott Soto zum SOTO-Album

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Interview mit Jeff Scott Soto zum SOTO-Album

I´m very much into the music you did with SONS OF APOLLO and I saw you live in Cologne on the last tour. As I liked, what I heard and saw, I was also interested to find out, what you do „under your own name“. So I got myself your new release and reviewed it for our readers. The review (it´s in German though) can be found here on our homepage. As – to my opinion – you have a great variety in singing and that should be recognized by more people. Therefore I wanna give you the chance today, to give the people out there an closer insight in your work and music.

JSS: Thank you very much, I do appreciate this!

What is the development with the latest album?

SOTO Origami CD-Cover

MH: To be honest, I haven´t heard your SOTO-album, that you released before. How would you describe the development towards the latest release – „Origami“.

JSS: I feel by far it is the strongest SOTO album to date that we have done. This album truly represents us as a band and what we set out to be heard as. It is quite diverse with hints of modern, contemporary Rock, very heavy elements all rounded up with melodic and strong hooks. The 1st 2 albums laid an incredible foundation for us but Origami truly shows where this band is capable of doing into the future.

MH: What is the musical difference in between SOTO and SONS OF APOLLO for you and what to you like most about each of these bands compared to the other?

JSS: SONS OF APOLLO is more in the Prog end of the scope, SOTO is more commercially driven even though it is very heavy. Both bands are very melodically driven though, both bands are very diverse and both bands allow me to be me haha. I love both bands because they are different enough to stand on their own legs yet close enough to share a lot of the same fans.

What music style do you prefer?

MH: Which kind of style (Progressive Rock, Metal etc.) do you prefer personally in music and especially for yourself singing it?

JSS: My preference is to do everything that makes me tick, I love many elements and genres that challenge me and keep me on my toes. Once music becomes too much of the same, it’s then a job for me. These bands are passion for me so I consistently get to broaden my horizons keep it all fresh and new.

MH: For me as someone enjoying live concerts a lot, I´d be interested, if there is any chance to see you perform the new SOTO-material live any time soon?

JSS: We are releasing news about the European tour in September 2019 in the next days, the rest of the world needs to catch up with us and discover our music so we can do more than the usual regions we do every album cycle. Usually its just South America and Europe for SOTO, I am hoping to get the US and Japan into the picture.

MH: As you have released your music in various bands and projects in the past…how do you decide, when to make up something new or with whom to collaborate? Do other musicians step up to you and ask für a cooperation or is it your motivation to ask others to get together for a project?

SOTO Promofoto 02

A lot to do and plans for a tour in September

JSS: Well yes, that is obvious, if I am approached for something new, I make sure its something I know I can do well and with the right feeling. At this stage of my life and career, I rarely get asked to be in a situation where I just sing, I am usually expected to help create, what I will be singing. I have WAY too much on my plate to look for things to do haha, I have enough to keep up with now!

MH: How and when did you come up with singing in the very beginning and in how far do you also play instruments?

JSS: I do play keys and guitar but for the songwriting, I rely on my musicians to feed me songs then I go into full gear writing lyrics and creating melodies. I find it best to follow this path, as I choose to let the ones who play their instruments well, create the songs that sound strongest with their skills, I prefer only stepping in once the songs are created. The songs ‘tell’ me what to write about, what melodies to use when I hear them, there isn’t too much thought process behind it, because I simply let it seep in and guide me.

MH: What are your favourite singers and/or inspirations for your singing?

Influences as a singer – no metal?!

JSS: Freddie Mercury, Steve Perry, Terence Trent D’Arby and Sam Cooke. I know, no Metal singers here because these guys infuse all levels of where my voice was influenced, the guys like Dio and Dickinson came later and filled the Metal side of where I wanted to place my voice.

MH: Sweaty clubs, big festival stages and huge multifunctional venues. Where do you see the advantages in the various forms of live appearances and what do you like best?

JSS: I love them all for what they offer…sometimes the sweaty, in your face club when its packed is so much fun, I love large crowds but hate the disconnect of them being so far from the stage so I share the love equally.

MH: Finally our interview partner has the last words. What do you want to tell our readers as a final message for today?

JSS: We have had incredible responses for „Origami“ so far, now if we can get another million or so people to hear and share the same thoughts, I am talking to YOU reading this, then we will have some great times to share with you onstage!

Here is a video to check out the material. It the song „Hypermania“:


MH: Jeff, thanx a lot for your time and I really hope to see you around here on tour! First of all, all the best for this release!

JSS: Thank you again for your time and interest to do this with me.


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