Interview mit Nathan James (Inglorious)

Inglorious - 04.10.16 Palladium Köln

Nathan James gab  im Januar ein Interview, welches wir in englischer Sprache belassen haben. You have dealt with a lot of personal thoughts in the lyrics of the new album. The song „Queen“ for example is dedicated to your mom or? What is your personal opinion regarding age or getting older?

NJ: It sucks lol. My mum isn‘ t old. She‘ s only 52. That‘ s not what the song is about. I´ve heard do you like a little sheep. How did that develop and do you have any animals at home yourself?

NJ: Yes, I have many animals at home. Sheep, Pigs, Rhea, Chickens. But let´s talk about the music now. There I´d be interested to know, why most of your songs are always around the „3-minute-mark“ regarding the running duration?

NJ: It‘ s all ya need. We just write that way. We don‘ t try and make it radio friendly length. We don‘ t overcomplicate our songs and i think that’s why people like them. Talking about that subject, here´s my next question dealing with having two guitarists in the band. Usually one would think, that both should get solo parts in the songs. I´m thinking about one of your favorites there…WHITESNAKE, where they perfectly arrange that. Why isn´t that so much in the focus on the last two INGLORIOUS-albums?

NJ: People are better at different things. We til this point have played to our strengths. I wont ever pick up a guitar ‚cos im not very good. It‘ s about doing what u do best and thata what the line up did and always will do.

Nathan James wanted to play sax Something different. Do you own an instrument or is there any instrument, you´d like to be able to play?

NJ: I have an old grand piano and i play a bit…enough to write. I always wanted to play sax as its the sexiest instument. You have a strong voice and bring your vocals to the highest level. How often do you practice singing? Daily?

NJ: Absolutely not. I only practice in the run up to a tour. The rest is as important as stamina. I want longevity as a singer…so many of my heroes haven`t had that. I personally like your coversongs (like „Girl goodbye“, „Burn“, „Fool for loving you“ etc.). Wouldn´t that be a good idea for bonustracks? Talking about that…is there a live album planned yet?

NJ: Not as a bonus no but we are planning a live album and DVD…maybe acoustic and maybe with strings… Of course I cannot let you get away without telling our readers about the „new guys“ in INGLORIOUS. And also I´d like to know, if there´s extensive touring planned yet for Germany/Europe?

NJ: Yes….later in the year there is…I`m super excited about it. the euro shows are some of the most fun and the catering is fantastic – haha. Finally the last words always belong to our interview partners. What would you like to say to our readers out there as final words for today, regarding INGLORIOUS, yourself or whatever message you want to share?

NJ: If u like the classic bands check us out. We are not ripping anyone off. And we track our albums as live as possible to make sure people are not dissapointed live. Thank you very much for your time and a lot of success with the new INGLORIOUS!!





Musikalisch aufgewachsen mit den Beatles und den Stones in der großen Ära der Rockmusik der 60/70er Jahre! Meine ersten gekauften Scheiben waren von Deep Purple, Grand Funk Railroad, Frank Zappa, Black Sabbath usw. Bevorzugte musikalische Ecke ist der sogenannte Classic- und Progressiv Rock, jedoch höre ich auch in fast allen anderen Bereichen stets rein. Aktiv bei metal-heads bis Dezember 2018, jetzt Fördermitglied.

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