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Platz 1 in in US Blues Billboard Charts mit dem aktuellen Album „Venom & Faith“ (unser Review findet ihr hier) und dazu eine ausverkaufte Tour durch Europa. Larkin Poe (Homepage | Facebook) sind auf der Erfolgsspur und dabei sind Rebecca Lovell und Megan Lovell total auf dem Boden geblieben und einfach sympathisch. Man merkte ihnen an, dass sie einfach gerne auf der Bühne stehen und Musik machen. Schaut mal hier in unseren Bericht vom Kölner Konzert und genießt die Fotos. Alles in allem Grund genug für uns mal mit ein paar Fragen um die Ecke zu kommen. Enjoy!

Larkin Poe attracting a wide audience (MH): I saw your sold out show in Cologne and it was awesome. You were attracting a wide audience, young people, old people… There were even guys with Black Label Society patches and reporter travelled hundreds of kilometres from Belgium just to see you this evening. So, what do you think why are so many different people are attending your show?
Larkin Poe Köln Luxor
Megan Lovell (ML): We are blown away by the support of our fans and really so moved to see such variety of people from different walks of life at our shows. I feel that music brings people together like nothing else… especially at live shows, it can be surprisingly intimate to partake of a unique, irreplaceable experience with a group of people. It binds us together and we can feel the shared human spirit in a truly beautiful way. It’s really important to Rebecca and I to foster that connection to the crowd and I think that’s why people keep coming back.
MH: I was really surprised seeing Megan going out in the crowd and playing amongst the fans. Is this something you do often?
ML: I do jump down into the audience whenever I can easily get off and back on the stage. I really love getting up close with a person while soloing.
MH: You announced three additional shows in Germany for next year. Is there more to come?
ML: I think the „Venom & Faith“ Spring European tour is pretty much locked in, but we’re still fleshing out the rest of the year, so, who knows, we might be back!


Larkin Poe – Number 1 in the Blues Billboard Charts

Larkin Poe Köln LuxorMH: „Venom & Faith“ reached Nr. 1 of the Blues Billboard Charts, but it is not a traditional Blues Album. I really liked how you combined the old fashioned Blues with modern influences. But how would you describe your way of songwriting or your approach to the music?
Rebecca Lovell (RL): Megan and I both share a deep, deep respect for the source music of the American south. As a female-fronted blues/rock outfit making music in the 21st century, our goal is to create something new and fresh – to hopefully contribute a new chapter to the longstanding story of the blues. We feel very welcomed by the blues community and so overjoyed for a #1 album (!) in blues, especially considering it is a little left of center.
MH: You released „Venom & Faith“ independently. Why did you choose this way to publish your music?
ML: Rebecca and I have a specific vision for our music and the way we want our music to be presented. At this point, it makes sense for us to have our hands on the reins, along with a team of very supportive people. We’re very independent in our mindset and love that we can move quick on the plans that feel right to us.


Larkin Poe raising awareness for mental illness

MH: Your explanation to „Mad As A Hatter“ was quite interesting. Do you know Nothing More and their song „Jenny“ and their intention?
RL: Music can be an incredible way to speak to topics that are hard to talk about, like mental illness. I applaud anyone who can be vulnerable in their songs and write about their own life experience in an intimate way. It can be really helpful for listeners going through it themselves.Larkin Poe Köln Luxor
MH: Raising awareness for mental illness is an important thing. I personally work with people suffering Dementia or Alzheimer. Did you know that you can reach those people and get in contact by singing to them? There is a saying „people who sing don’t lie…“
ML: Music therapy is amazing and should definitely be more common in helping those with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. It’s such a gift.
MH: Tanks again. It was a pleasure seeing you on stage and I hope you will come back soon. Traditionally the last words are to the artists, so go on…
RL: Thanks for your time and for coming out to the show. We’re so thankful for our fans and supporters and hope that folks will check out the album and upcoming „Venom & Faith“ spring tour. We’d love to say hello!


Larkin Poe – live in Germany

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  • Larkin Poe Köln Luxor Beitragsbild: Laura Jaeger (c)


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