Inglorious mit neuem Album im Januar

Inglorious bringen am 25. Januar 2019 ihren dritten Longplayer via Frontiers Music SRL heraus. Im Gegensatz zu den ersten beiden Scheiben, welche schlicht mit Zahlen hinter dem Bandnamen veröffentlicht wurden, ist es diesmal sogar ein Titel geworden: „Ride To Nowhere“!

Kevin Shirley übernahm, wie schon beim letzten Opus „Inglorious II“, die Regler und die Produktion. Wenn Shirley mitmischt, dann ist jedem Hörer bewusst, das er einen glasklaren, druckvollen Sound produziert.

Inglorious wollen überraschen

Nathan James sagt zu „Ride To Nowhere“:

This album is different in many ways. The songs came about very quickly. As with all our songs we start with a riff, and this time having new guitarist Drew added a new and heavier feel to a couple of songs. We wrote the basics mostly together all in one room on acoustic guitars and then I went away and crafted the stories I wanted to tell. For me this album is very personal. I am for the first time writing about a lot of my feelings, relationships and losses…

Der ‚Neue‘ an der sechssaitigen Axt Drew Lowe fügt an:

 The album is the next step for the band in maturity. Being that it’s my first, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as soon as we started we knew what type of record was coming. Hopefully the fans will love it as they follow us on the musical journey.

Andreas Eriksson sagt:

There’s a lot of variety on this album, more so than the previous ones and that I really like. Sonically I think it sounds more fresh, contemporary in a sense and that goes for a bunch of songs on the album as well. Just the singles alone are different than how we’ve sounded in the past, but still have the Inglorious feel and vibe! Lastly I also think that musically it’s better than the previous albums, everyone plays very tasteful, soulful and collectively I feel that it’s perfect!

Stolze Statements von den Jungs

Nicht zu vergessen Drummer Phil Beaver, der folgendes kurzes Statement gibt:

We’re all really happy with the way the new record sounds and look forward to seeing how the fans receive it. I personally can’t wait to play the new material live on the road!

Schlussendlich kommt noch Basser Colin Parkinson zu Wort:

On this album I feel that the songs are a true reflection of what we’ve been through over the past few years – both as a band and as individuals. You’ve got the highs, the lows and lessons learned along the way. The making of this album was at a time when we all had our own personal situations and changes to deal with. I feel that this definitely comes through on the recordings and particularly songs like ‘Tomorrow’, ‘Where Are You Now?’ and ‘Glory Days‘.

Soweit Inglorious zu ihrer neuen Scheibe „Ride To Nowhere“. Wir werden euch dann hier bei im Januar unsere Review präsentieren.

Hört schon mal hier die aktuelle Singleauskopplung „Where Are You Now?“:



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