DAMNATION ANGELS – Fiber Of Our Being – English Version

Release: 31.07.2020 – English Review

Tremendous Symphonic-Metal

DAMNATION ANGELS took their time. Five years after their last output „The Valiant Fire“ the new album „Fiber Of Our Being“ will be finally released. This is the first album with a new line-up. With the new singer Ignacio (Iggy) Rodriguez and bassist Nic Southwood, the band is now attacking again and here you will find out if the fresh wind has lifted the sound into other spheres.

In a sea of melodies

DANMNATION ANGELS will let you drift, sometimes on a calm sea, sometimes with moderate swell and there may also be stormy winds. The English have immersed themselves deeply in songwriting and come back to the surface with real treasures. I’ve let the album rotate several times now and it just goes and goes and goes. There are always new things to discover and the journey across the sea of melodies never gets boring.

A Monument

the band has modelled itself with the album „Fiber Of Our Being“. Above all, the supernatural song „Remnants Of A Dying Star“ with its playing time of 13 minutes is enthroned. A true masterpiece, which unites all elements of DAMNATION ANGELS and puts them in scene in an excellent way. It’s a very orchestral song with cool choral elements, which in places sound next to the fantastic voice of Iggy. After five minutes a quiet dark part follows, which creates a nice tension until the song moves forward at a brisk pace. According to the title the song has a sublime colossal charisma. The interaction between metal sound, orchestral and synth sounds succeeds perfectly. It has always been a high art to compose songs with a long playing time, which on the one hand don’t get boring in the long run, but on the other hand don’t get cobbled together indiscriminately despite all the progressiveness. DAMNATION ANGELS are true professionals and the song has simply everything you could wish for. It is powerfully decorated with dreamlike melodies and offers a great variance. Speaking of dreamlike melodies…

„A Sum Of Our Parts“

One of the most beautiful ballads of recent times with melodies to fly away and a song to dream. It begins reservedly with a tender female voice, piano and dark chello. The singer enters with a warm melodic voice and the song intensifies. Then it gets calmer again, until it almost comes to a standstill, but suddenly the song comes out again with a powerful finish.

You can also rock out!

Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-Attribut. Der Dateiname ist Press-Bandfoto-2--1200x801.jpg

Beside the powerful ballads „Our Last Light“ and „Sum Of Our Parts“ there is of course also flawless symphonic heavy metal that rocks tremendously. For example the midtempo rocker „Railrunner“ or the more lively section with „Rewrite The Future“ and „Greed and Extinction“. Accordingly, you can look forward to classic wild guitar solos (not only for the above mentioned songs). I like the new voice of Iggy extraordinarily well, wonderfully harmonic, but can also rock out if necessary. „Fractured Amygdala“ comes up with an especially cool composed impressive symphonic middle part (tuba and cello i guess) from the third minute on, which enters a fantastic symbiosis with the metal sound in the transition. I love that! You can´t do it better. Then there is the anthemic title song „Fiber Of Our Being“, whose chorus immediately stuck in my head.


Not only the high-quality cover is a work of art. If you like progressive, but still catchy melodic Symphonic Metal, which can also take it easy and emotional, this is the right choice for you. As already said… It has become a musical monument and this can only mean full points.

Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-Attribut. Der Dateiname ist Bewertung-10-von-10-1--1200x846.jpg
Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-Attribut. Der Dateiname ist DAMNATION-ANGELS-Fiber-Of-Our-Being-1200x804.jpg

You can found the german version of the review right HERE!

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  • DAMNATION ANGELS-Fiber Of Our Being: DAMNATION ANGELS--COVER + Infos (Rock’N’Growl Promotion) -- (Background: Thancks to annca auf Pixabay)
  • DAMNATION ANGELS-Cover: DAMNATION ANGELS Cover "Fiber Of Our Being" über ROCK`N´GROWL Promotion


Seit meiner Kindheit höre ich gerne Rockmusik. Es hat mit Gary Moore, Scorpions, Billy Idol, Bon Jovi, Dire Straits, AC/DC usw. angefangen, also quasi mit den Großen der 80'er und 90'er Jahre. Mit zunehmendem Alter ging der Musikgeschmack immer mehr auch in die härtere Richtung. So finden sich mittlerweile auch viele Core-Platten, so wie Black-und Death-Metal Kracher in meiner Sammlung. Daher bin ich in fast allen Bereichen des Rock und Metal unterwegs. Eine besondere Vorliebe habe ich für den Underground entwickelt, wo es richtig brennt und es viele hochklassige Bands gibt, die den Großen der Branche in nichts nachstehen, ganz im Gegenteil. In diesen Sinne: Stay tough, stay heavy!

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