Interview mit dem HITTMAN-Frontmann

HITTMAN - Albumcover - Destroy all humans - Beitragsbild

Interview mit dem HITTMAN-Frontmann

We are happy to be able to ask HITTMAN-Singer Dirk Kennedy some questions.

Hi there. My name is Amir (I’m a drummer myself). As one of the founders of the music magazine for fans of the heavy side of music, I’m happy to hook up with you today to get an update an insight regarding your latest activities. Our attitude is: Distortion is our passion! So anything goes, using an electric guitar. With HITTMAN you easily pass that test…Hahaha! I thank you for the chance to do this interview. My review is up on our homepage since the 13.09.2020, in time for the release date on 25.09.2020 (it´s in German though). So I wanted to give the people out there chance, to learn more about your band and music. 

DK: Hello and thanks for listening!

MH: people familiar with the worldwide metal scene fort he past decades might know HITTMAN. I can remember (a little bit…it’s been a „while“) you. But many fans in the scene are from another generation. Lately you are back now. Can you please tell us, how this came up and how you decided to step back into business?

Always a lot of love…for HITTMAN

DK: well over the years our little band has had a lot of wonderful mentions in the press and through the fans. For some crazy reason we got included with some of our heroes and  while we didn’t make a huge commercial impact, the band always got a lot of love. We had been asked many times by concert promoters to play shows and it wasn’t realistic for us. We were scattered all over the place. We kept in touch but more as a family. It wasn’t until Oliver from KIT approached us and convinced us we had a big enough following and we took it from there. Since then it’s been nothing but love. The fans are great, the reviews have been phenomenal and we’re just so happy to be back.

HITTMAN - Albumcover - Destroy all humans

MH: it’s been quite a while, since we heard from HITTMAN. Please let us know, how you spent the time meanwhile and kept so fresh and in shape. When I hear „Destroy all humans“ I cannot believe, that you have been away at all…

DK: well, thank you. It was not so easy. It’s hard to sing as you were in 1988 and 1993, so a lot of preparation was needed. Everyone worked hard and we’re getting better all the time. The album was really a joy to make. We decided to make sure it captured the essence of who we are and to not stray from the sound too much. A proper classic power metal album.

In which drawer does is fit then?

MH: I don’t know, if you like to categorize or to be categorized. But could you please – to give our readers an idea of what you sound like – find a description of your style of music.  

DK: Power Metal. MAIDEN, QUEENSRYCHE etc. These are the foundations and that’s who we are. We might go off the map sometimes but the core is always classic metal. No modern influences or fakery. It has to be as pure as when it bagged or why do it. Yes it’s 2020, but there is no reason not to play classic metal if it’s good.

MH: Maybe you agree…with the song „Code of honour“ I find a strong touch of QUEENSRYCHE. Which is cool, as it’s a great band. Apart from that, I’d say, you got your own „way“. What would you call your main influences?

DK: Yes, we have always gotten that and it’s probably my fault. When I started, I was much more of a DIO type singer. But in the climate of the late 80’s you need to have more tools to compete. So I studied hard and expanded my range and style. I did and do love Geoff Tate and I consider it a huge compliment. Influences for me are : Dio, Tate, Dickinson, Meine and Gillan. The kings.

What do we need for good metal? No tricks…!

MH: Metal music has gone through various changes in style and I think, the traditional bands and elements are still alive and on the other hand new influences are coming in. What is your opinion? And what are the basic trademarks, that it needs to make it good metal?

DK: Keeping it real. NO modern trickery or fixing in the studio. Classic metal is raw, but has a certain kind of class. It can be polished, but needs to retain it’s integrity. We’re a dual harmony guitar oriented band. That’s the recipe for classic metal. Alone with great riffs and when possible soaring vocals. That’s what speaks to us and it’s the calling card of metal. I’ll be honest, I know NOTHING about modern metal. When I hear quantized drums and autotune vocals, I’m out. It’s not to my taste. Listen to a SAXON album, or PRIEST or MAIDEN. they don’t need those tricks and I don’t think we do either. Technology is fine, if you use it with respect.

MH: what musicians would you love to share the stage with and/or what band would you like to tour with and why? 

Sharing the stage with IRON MAIDEN…legendary shows!

DK: OMG. I will absolutely die to play with MAIDEN. I think they’re the benchmark for a live band. Aren’t they? They have always proven their might and to be a part of anything to do with them would just be a dream. Their live shows are legendary, the production and the feeling of majesty they project. I’m a huge fan.

MH: regarding playing live – festival, club gig or big venue? There are various kinds of gigs to play for a band to play. Small sweaty club gigs, big venues or even stadiums and then these 3-day-festivals in front of 50.000 to 120.000 people. What kind of performances do you prefer and why? 

DK: We have been lucky, our first show ever was in front of 2000 people, opening for STRYPER. From there we played huge clubs and halls. Then of course the big break. When we returned, we played the KIT before all of those thousands of people. It was electric. To hear your lyrics sung back to you, to feel the energy and the love. I can’t explain it in words, I always thought this band didn’t translate on a small stage. Were a very performance oriented band, we move a lot ( I certainly do) and I love having the opportunity to try and reach out to as many fans as I can. If I can get them to sing, even better. Our fans are absolutely KILLER. they give us life. Up the Hammers was insane, the greek fans are so special to us, they have helped us through the dark storm. They always believed in us and it’s almost like a second home as we’re signed to NO REMORSE. We want to play ALL the huge festivals and have the chance to show what we can do on the world stage.

HITTMAN and the touring plans…but then there is Covid-19…

MH: are there any plans for some touring maybe even in Germany or the Netherlands? Festival appearances in 2021? I mean, all being save and the conditions regarding „the virus“ under control at some point.

DK: I hope so, We need to out the dragon back in it’s cage so we can see the fans again. This virus has taken a huge toll on all of us. We’re hoping to get invited to all the festivals and bring the new album to the people. As you know, we started our career in Germany, so it’s a special place for us. We have never been to the Netherlands (as a band). I have been there as tourist and am astonished by it’s beauty, art and culture. We’d love to come as one as possible. 

MH: Coming towards the end, we have to talk a little bit about corona/covid-19. For many bands and artists it was a big strike in the career and well established business. For HITTMAN it just came in the moment, where you were starting into another round. What do you expect from the coming months regarding the music business?

DK:  We have to be optimistic. Even though in the USA our leadership is pathetic. We look to Europe and the world for inspiration. I think the business will be back and bigger than ever.

Human challenges – what does the future bring?

MH: what were your plans for HITTMAN, when you recorded the new material regarding the future? Are these plans still alive in this worldwide pandemic?

DK: Very much so, we didn’t plan on coming back in a pandemic, but these are human challenges. We need to address them with grace and humanity. I promise, when we do return to the stage, it will be for keeps.

MH: the final words is always to our interview partners. Here YOU get the chance to tell the people out there something, that you think is important, regarding music in general, the latest album or whatever. So, here we go… 

DK: We as a band and myself personally, are grateful to the metal community for all the love and support. This new album was written to the diehard fans. The ones who always knew, we had another chapter. It is our mission, to help bring TNWOTHM back and bigger than ever. We also need to have more compassion for our fellow citizens of the world. We aren’t just countries with borders. We are a planet (the earth) of immense beauty. We need to respect her and heal her. We only have this one planet. She doesn’t belong to us, we belong to her.

MH: thanx for sharing your time and all the info. I wish you all the best with the album and the future efforts and hope to see you perform live on stage at some point.

DK: Thank you so much. It is an honour.

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  • HITTMAN – Albumcover – Destroy all humans: SURE SHOT WORX
  • HITTMAN – Albumcover – Destroy all humans – Beitragsbild: SURE SHOT WORX

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