Das Portrait: Marcelo Rosa (Gitarrist, Komponist, Endorser und Lehrer)

Marcelo Rosa 2019

Marcelo Rosa kommt aus Brasilien, wohnt aber in Düsseldorf. Das Multi-Talent ist an der Gitarre ein wahrer Alleskönner, er komponiert und lehrt. Aber vor allem hat sich Marcelo extra Zeit genommen, um sich als Erster in unserer neuen Serie bei metal-heads.de portraitieren zu lassen. In loser Folge stellen wir euch ab sofort „Das Portrait“ eines im Musik-Buisness verhafteten Menschen vor. Aber bevor wir viele Worte verlieren, lassen wir Marcelo erstmal brasilianisch abrocken:


Marcelo Rosa im Portrait

metal-heads.de: Hi Marcelo, thank you for taking the time for this portrait. So please introduce yourself to our readers.

Marcelo: Hi! Thank you so much for invite me for this interview. My name is Marcelo Rosa and I am a guitarist, composer, educator and clinician. I am also an endorsed artist by Ibanez, Peavey, Mooer, Santo Angelo and ARB Pickups. I am from Florianópolis/SC, Brazil. But, I am living in Düsseldorf, Germany, since April of this year, because my wife is working in a German company. 

metal-heads.de: So you are very new in Düsseldorf, Germany. What did you see of the town so far and do you know the difference between ALT BIER, KÖLSCH and PILS ?

Marcelo: Yes. I am new here and I am enjoying a lot. I have been visiting some places here. And when I arrived here a friend of mine from Düsseldorf taught me the difference between Alt Bier, Kölsch and Pils. 

Im Gespräch mit Marcelo RosaEndorser für IBANEZ Gitarren

metal-heads.de: Very good. But even better than your knowledge about the different types of beer is your knowledge about guitars. You seem to have more than 24 hours each day. Beeing Endorser for famous guitar brands like IBANEZ and PEAVEY. Composing your own songs. You are a tutorial teacher on youtube and you have always played in Bands like Fortress from 2011 to 2013. What of all these jobs you like most?

Marcelo: Since I started to work as a professional musician in Brazil, about 17 years ago, I divided my time between Guitar Lessons, to compose my songs, to perform concerts and workshops/guitar clinics. I have been teaching Private Guitar Lessons and also Skype Guitar Lessons and performing many concerts and workshops/guitar clinics in Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. And I really like to do it because I like to meet people, to talk with them, to share experiences with them and to learn through their experiences, etc. 

Marcelo Rosa

Marcelo unterrichtet auf der Guitar Summit 2019

metal-heads.de: I know that you will be teaching on the Guitar Summit in Mannheim from September 27th to 29th. What will you do there exactly?

Marcelo: Yes. I will be performing a Peavey Guitar Clinic at Guitar Summit in Mannheim. I will be demonstrating the Peavey 6505 MH, Peavey Classic 20 MH and the brand new Invective MH. The idea is to present a very musical workshop. At the end we will organize a Jam Session and the people are invited to join us to play with Peavey amps.  

Mit Dream Ocean unterwegs

metal-heads.de: Although you have been in Germany only for 5 months now you even started playing in a band. I saw you on stage last Saturday playing rythm guitar for the symphonic metal band DREAM OCEAN during the first Metal Colonia Fest. How was this experience and how did you get into contact to DREAM OCEAN so quickly?

Marcelo: I am enjoying and learning a lot with Dream Ocean. They are lovely people, great musicians and we share the same passion for the Metal music. When I arrived here I started promoting my work as guitarist and guitar teacher on some Facebook groups and I also promoted my work on a website called BackstagePro. And one day I received a message from Dream Ocean through this website, we started to talk and we met. Then I joined the band and it has been a great experience for me.

Marcelo Rosa 2019Der Privatmensch

metal-heads.de: The private Marcelo hears what music? What do you do in your spartime. If you have time for free in your busy life?

Marcelo: For me is very common to listen a lot of musical genres. I will give you an example. I can start my day listening Astor Piazzolla, an Argentine composer. Some hours later I can listen Iron Maiden, or Joe Satriani, or a Brazilian accordionist called Renato Borghetti. I mean… It always changes. I like it because I always listening different artists or bands and it brings me inspiration and different ideas to compose my own songs. And in my free time I enjoy reading books, watching series and walking in the park.

Marcelo Rosa & Kiko von Megadeth

metal-heads.de: The student Marcelo studied with Kiko Loureiro from Megadeth. Do you still have contact? Or did you ever jammed with him?

Marcelo: Yes. I studied Music Business with Kiko Loureiro in 2014, in São Paulo, Brazil. It was a great experience to learn about Music Business from him. Kiko has a huge experience and knowledge in this subject. We’re still in touch because we have a private group with the Music Business students on Whats App and Facebook. But before studying with him, I had the opportunity to Jam with him at his guitar clinic in 2012 (Anmerkung der Redaktion: hier für euch das Video – Bild an, Ton ab).

metal-heads.de: If you could look into the future – where would you see yourself in 10 years?

Marcelo: It’s a difficult question to answer. But my focus is to keep making music, sharing my music, playing and meeting people around the world. 

metal-heads.de: As you are a guitar teacher as well, perhaps some readers now are interested to get into contact with you. Where do you educate guitar pupils and how to find you?

Marcelo: I am teaching Private Guitar Lessons in Düsseldorf and also Skype Guitar Lessons. The readers can contact me by my email marcelorosamr@gmail.com and via direct messages on Facebook and Instagram (Hinweis der Redaktion: dies ist unbezahlte Werbung).

Marcelo Rosa im Interviewmetal-heads.de: As usual in our interviews and also in our portrait series, the last words are yours. What will you tell our readers of metal-heads.de?

Marcelo: Thank you so much for invite me for this interview and for the opportunity to show my work here. And congratulations for your great work supporting and promoting the Metal bands and artists here in Germany. And my message for metal-heads.de readers is: Do what you love, believe in yourself and enjoy the journey. 🙂

metal-heads.de: Thank you very much for taking the time and hope to see you soon again.

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  • Im Gespräch mit Marcelo Rosa: Bildrechte beim Autor
  • Marcelo Rosa: Marcelo Rosa/photo credit: Renan Socoloski
  • Marcelo Rosa 2019: Marcelo Rosa, photo credit: Guido Bianchi
  • Marcelo Rosa im Interview: Laura Jäger, metal-heads.de

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