The Wild! – Dylan über die neue Platte und die Tour

The Wild! Köln Blue Shell Beitragsbild

In zwei Wochen erscheint das neue Album „Still Believe In Rock And Roll“ von The Wild!. Wir hatten vorab schon mal Gelegenheit ein wenig reinzuhören und schon beim ersten Durchlauf sind uns ein paar kleinere Änderungen aufgefallen. Grund genug also Mastermind Dylan Villain vorab um ein paar Erläuterungen zu bitten. Aber zuerst, weil es so schön ist „Playing With Fire“:

The Wild! – Dylan über die Änderungen

Metal-Heads (MH): Your new album „Still Believe in Rock And Roll“ will be out in a few weeks and after listening to it the first time, I must say it sounded a little bit different than the prior ones. Your vocals changed a little bit and I think there´s an evolvement in your sound. Am I right oder completely on a wrong way?

Dylan (DY): I would agree that there are elements of it that are different than the previous albums but I also think that it’s very much still a Wild! record. I experimented a lot with my voice on this record. A lot of it came from writing in different keys and singing in my mid range. I was able to really scream and get a lot of rasp out of it by doing that and both myself and Mike Fraser (Producer/Engineer) really enjoyed how it sounded. I think it’s important for bands to evolve in certain ways without losing sight of who they are completely and I believe that’s what we’ve done on this record.

(MH): You became a father last year and now there is a song „Young Rebels“. Is about you or sour son Rebel?

(DY): It’s about both of us to be honest. I was playing guitar one day and I was singing to him. The idea for the chorus came from that. When I started writing the lyrics I was thinking about myself growing up and how I have always had a strong desire for personal freedom within me. I’ve never lost that. I want my son to know how to live in the moment and do whatever makes him happy in life as well. Hang onto those good times in your youth, you may never get them back. No matter what life throws at you, keep on living.

The Wild! Köln Blue Shell
The Wild! Köln Blue Shell

The Wild! – Dylan über die Tour und den Unterschied zwischen Europa und Kanada

(MH): Together with the release you will start a new tour in Europe supporting tAKiDA and the first shows are already sold out. Is it like a homecoming for you?

(DY): Yeah we feel very strongly connected to Europe because of all the love and support our band has been given since we first started touring there. When you come from the other side of the world and there are fans there that know the lyrics to your songs and travel hours to see several shows on your tour, it’s easy for it all to feel like home.

The Wild! Köln Blue Shell
The Wild! Köln Blue Shell

(MH): And in general what is the difference between touring North America and Europe?

: Well for starters everything is a lot closer in Europe compared to Canada where we’re from. 6hrs is considered a “short drive” in Canada. The fans here are great though and they gave us our career. For that, we will forever be grateful. One of the main differences between the two areas though is that rock music is still very much a popular genre in Europe whereas in Canada, not as much. Regardless of that, we just keep doing what we know how to do and that’s write good songs for people that like rock’n’roll and killer live shows. That’s what it’s all about. That’s what matters the most to us.

(MH): And for all the fans who will attending the shows. Will there be special limitited tour merch like you did for the Playing With Fire Tour in Canada?

(DY): Yes there will be. Limited edition tour shirts, patches, vinyl and CD’s! We go to the merch table after every show, so come say hi, get your merch signed and get a picture. Prost!

(MH): For all those who are too late to get a ticket for the upcoming tour are there some festivals you will play in Europe this summer or even better plans for a The Wild! Headliner Tour?

(DY): More dates to be announced soon…. 😉

The Wild! The Tube

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Angefangen hat es mit einer Kassette die ich von einem Kumpel bekam mit Running Wilds "Port Royal" und "Abigail" von King Diamond. Seitdem hat es mich nicht mehr losgelassen...

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