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Their debut „Hollow“ is out for a few days and for me it is one of the most promising ones. You can read my full review in a few days here on In the meantime vocalist Yishai Sweartz was so kind to answer me some questions. He will let us know something about the history of Tomorrow’s Rain and the creation of „Hollow“. But first I will show you the video of the song „Misery Rain with two guest appearances. Another point I asked Yishai about…

Metal-Heads (MH): Hi Yishai, it’s Jörg of Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. And my first question is how you came up with your band name?

Tomorrow’s Rain Yishai (TR): The name came from the song „Fragile“ by Sting from his „Nothing Like The Sun“ 1988 album, the full sentence is:

„Tomorrow’s rain will wash the stains away
But something in our minds will always stay“

No matter how sucessful we are dealing with our pain and heal our wounds, no matter if tomorrow will come and turn the page with it’s bright sunrise, something will stay painful within our soul, as Kreator once wrote in 1989 „Some pain will last forever“, and here we put Kreator and Sting at the same answer and took a trip down the memory lane to 1988/1989 and that’s our story…;-)

(MH): Your debut album „Hollow“ is out since 11th september. But the first appearance of Tomorrow’s Rain goes back nearly 10 years (if I’m right…). So what can you tell us about the evolving process of the band? And how old or new are the songs on „Hollow“?

(TR): I formed the band in 2002 with Maor Appelbaum (nowdays a famous mastering guy in L.A) and Guitarist Raffael Mor, i had my previous band NAIL WITHIN split up right after a debut album via Listenable Records and Maor had his previous band SLEEPLESS split up, we were both in serious crisis having to face with the lash strike of reality and shattered dream, we started to write songs and it was clear from the first tunes that it’s gonna be a reflection of our lives back than and our lives back than was far from being cool, depression, drinking, anxiety, stress and panics attacks, you name it…:-) so the music turned this way as well. We called ourselves MOONSKIN and played few shows here (opened for Epica among others) but in 2006 i got married and wanted to leave my inner demons outside my daily lives, dealing with these songs on a daily base was digging in my own wounds, it was a mistake as i learned to understand.

3 years after that i been through a painful divorce process as a young father and again i felt shattered, this time i took it differently, i called Raffael and told him „this time we make it“ so we started from zero with a new name Tomorrow’s Rain and in baby steps started to build our dream, we played with Dark Tranquillity in 2012 and tried to find a solid line up which took few years, in 2016 things became really serious and from there we went into the process of writing the record, we never write songs just to write good songs, every song needs a meaning, a true authentic story behind it, so quality over quantity was always the rule, if you consider 2002 as the start than we beat „Chinese Democracy“ as the longest album to write ever…:-) but for me things started bigtime in 2016, 2 songs are from the early days, the rest are new.

(MH): If I counted right there are ten different guest musicians (like Jeff Loomis in „Into the Mouth of Madness) playing on the album which makes it quite versatile and I really like it. But on the other hand, how much Tomorrow’s Rain is really in the songs?

(TR): it was very important to me that the SONGS will be strong and convincing by themselves, even without the guests, that’s the most important thing in an album in my opinion: strong songs, guests can spice it up and add extra value of course but the songs have to stand strong to start with. One of the most important things was to write songs and not to write riffs, look into the whole picture, the whole „story“ and not like „it’s a great riff“ kind of. I wrote all the lyrics apart from the song „Hollow“ (written by our keyboardist Shiraz Weiss) and the music was written mainly by Raffael Mor but some other band members contributed too and even some ex band members as Maor Appelbaum for example. Guests added guitar solos (Jeff and Greg) and Vocals (all the rest) but the songs were written by us long time before the guests came in. My idea with the guests was to  welcome them with open arms to our house and have each one of them to leave something from his own into our body of art, we thought about each part and gave each guest exactly the parts I thought fits him, for example in „Misery Rain“ I had almost a spoken part, telling a very personal story and everytime I sang it in the studio I thought „it will be great to have Fernando from Moonspell“ doing this part in the same vibe he did similar parts in „Wolfheart“ which is an album I really really love, so I invited Fernando and he did that part.

For Jeff Loomis we invited him for a song about Warrel Dane, Warrel was a friend of mine and in fact was supposed to produce „Hollow“ so inviting Jeff Loomis to play in this personal memorial song for his longtime friend and musical partner was a great idea, etc etc. I think you can easily recognize Greg Mackintosh special solo in „In The Corner Of A Dead End Street“ and same goes to Aaron from My Dying Bride in „Fear“, they all gave me a small part of them and for this I will thank them forever. Most of them are in fact friends that I know for many years. I knew Sakis from Rotting Christ in 1993 and always kept in touch so him and Rotting Christ are family to us. Also Anders from Draconian, Spiros from Septicflesh, Mikko from Swallow The Sun and of course Kobi from Orphaned Land are friends and we go many years back. Also Jeff Loomis even thou I knew him personally only in 2003 or 2004 I think, but it’s 17 years, time fly fast. Paradise Lost played here many times and we opened for them twice and that’s how I knew Greg personally, Aaron from My Dying Bride is in fact the only one I only knew personally around 2 years ago but I am a huge MDB fan since 1991 so he was one of the persons I always wanted to work with and have him on the album, we did all the connections via emails. But we wrote a lot to each other and not only about music so he is definitely a person I consider a friend and it’s a great respect for us as a band to have him singing with us in the album.

Tomorrow’s Rain – everything is on hold

(MH): Beside Corona… Are there any plans of playing live next year?

(TR): All shows are on hold for now of course, we were supposed to open for SAMAEL, TIAMAT, and PARASDISE LOST and ROTTING CHRIST but of course everything is on hold now because of this crazy situation, lets hope things will get back to normal again, we are really looking forward to play live, also we started to write the second album and already have 3 new songs so it will not take so many years this time.

(MH): My last question goes to your last song. A cover of Nick Cave’s Weeping Song. Who came up with this idea and why? I love the orgininal, but your version is quite good.

(TR): I came up with the idea (Yishai, Vocals) because I love Nick Cave’s music since I was around 13 years old and I felt that we can take the song to our direction and create something interesting.

Tomorrow’s Rain – Line-Up and contact

Yishai Sweartz – Vocals
Raffael  Mor – Guitars
Yoni Biton – Guitars
Yaggel Cohen – Bass
Shiraz Weiss – Keyboards
Nir Nakav – Drums

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