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Symphonic Metal

is the thing of ELEINE (Facebook ) from Sweden. The band was founded by singer Madeleine Liljestam and guitarist/singer Rikard Ekberg. In my opinion, ELEINE were not only visually sensational. ELEINE have always delivered high quality music, so it is definitely not more „appearance“ than „substance“ here.

Whether it was the self-titled debut album or the 2018 released „Until The End“, which I personally thought was really good. So I was curious to see where the journey with the new album will lead. Now the new album „Dancing In Hell“ will finally be released on 27.11.2020. In advance the singles „As I Breath“, „Ava Of Death“ and „Memories“ have already been released.

„As I Breath“

sweeped me off my feet. This is a fucking awesome song and made me really hot for the rest of the material. Thrashy parts alternate with epic symphonic moods. Many small details know to inspire, like the ingenious bridge with the flying guitar chords. Here ist the video:

Darker and harder

the album has become. This is exactly the development I had hoped for. You orientate yourself more on the very successful song „Break Take“ (2016, YouTube Link ), which has a heavy dark aura thanks to Rikard’s dark growls. Or take the song „Sanity“ (2018, YouTube Link ) from the album „Until The End“. The dark growls give the sound more variety and sinister atmosphere. This continued on the current album. Another perfect example is the title song „Dancing In Hell“.

Rikard and his clean voice

also played a small role in the sound of ELEINE. He can also convince with this singing. I even like it very much and in my opinion it could be used more often without loosing hardness and power. The best example on this album is the epic song „All Shall Burn“, where the clean voice can be heard in the first half. Rikard offers a nice variance in his vocal part. It is not always used according to the same pattern, but sounds surprisingly here and there.

Madeleine still mainly sets the tone and that she does excellent as always. In my opinion she has developed even further. She has a pleasant voice color and she comes across beautifully with feeling, e.g. also in the song „Memoriam“.


ELEINE continues to rely on the proven concept. Fulminant guitar riffs, powerful drums and a hefty bass line together with symphonic elements make the album a powerful and massive bombastic experience. The songs go into the ear and stay in the head. It offers a perfect mix and the awesome production completes the whole thing. Everything is super coordinated and mixed. ELEINE confirm with „Dancing In Hell“ their place in the Olymp of Symphonic Metal.

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  • Bewertung 10v10 Engelflügel Stein: Flügel-->Danke an Pete Linforth auf Pixabay // Background-->Danke an PRAIRAT FHUNTA auf Pixabay
  • Cover + Infos-1-: ELEINE Cover + Infos über Sound Pollution//Background thanx to Enrique Meseguer auf Pixabay
  • ELEINE_DancingInHell_1_WEBB_Photocred_Eleine-skaliert2: ELEINE über Sound Pollution

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