War On Women describing a „Wonderful Hell“

War On Women by Julia Schwendner

In Poland, women take to the streets to protest against misogynistic abortion laws. In the US, an arch-conservative judge has been appointed and the country is deeply divided. Fitting War On Women released their new album „Wonderful Hell“ on 30.10.2020 on Bridge Nine. At first only digital. On 13/11/2020 there will be a physical variant. The album was recorded in the spring of 2020, but the release comes at just the right time. It is a call to action and that seems more urgent than ever. And that’s why here’s the video for the title track and after that we’ll introduce you to the whole album.

War On Women go back in time

The opener „Aqua Tofana“ takes us back to the 17th century and the only way for unhappy women if divorce is only possible by death. War On Women add the line „From the bottom up, it spreads/ To presidential candidates/ No exceptions will be allowed“. Nuff said. I really like the rhythm section on „Milk And Blood“ and i.m. Shawna rails against patriarchal structures here. The title track is available at the top of the video and regardless of the music I would like to have the sticker from the notebook. But it’s a wonderfully angry song where War On Women can’t deny their hardcore roots. The chorus goes well into the ear for this. A children’s choir sings the first lines of „This Land Is Your Land“. What an ironic start to „This Stolen Land.“ Great song with many tempi changes and I would like to quote an exemplary line: „No one’s illegal on this stolen land“. I love the bitterly evil sarcasm in „White Lies“. Always remain polite in the fight against racism: „We politely request you get your boots off our necks“.

War On Women building up is more important

„Big Words“ is downright moderate compared to the songs before, but it ends with „Hurt People, Hurt People“. But then the accelerator pedal is kicked through again. „Seed“ pops out of the boxes so quickly that it will surely be a killer live. It’s good that the song also has some quieter moments. „In Your Path“ lasts only a good minute and is pure hardcore and addresses gender-based violence. Don’t give up is the motto in „The Ash Is Not The End.“ What you destroy, you also have to rebuild. An important message and musically well packed. Finally, „Demon“ is a six-and-a-half minute long anthem with Janet Morgan as guest singer. Percussion and staccato guitars create a sombre, almost doomed atmosphere. A haunting apell not to be subdued: „If I can’t be more than accessory. Then I will scream until I can’t breathe.“

Wonderful Hell – really good and so important

Even though I’m not rooted in the punk hardcore direction of War On Women, I really like „Wonderful Hell“. The album offers a mixture of angry punk with hardcore roots and metal influences. I really like the singing of Shawna Potter. And above all, and most importantly, War On Women show a clear edge. They take a stand and that is unequivocal. Especially today, when no one wants to annimate in order not to lose any followers is a rarity. „Wonderful Hell“ is an angry (and musically brilliantly packaged) call to actively rebel against the grievances of society. For me already one of the albums of the year and I recommend everyone to listen at least once. It’s worth it!

War On Women – Line-Up und Kontakt

  • Shawna Potter
  • Brooks Harlan
  • Jennifer Vito
  • Suzanne Werner
  • Dave Cavalier

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  • War On Women by Julia Schwendner 720×340: Julia Schwendner / Gordeon


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