The Wild! und ihr Quarantäne Konzert

The Wild! Köln Blue Shell Beitragsbild

Vor einigen Wochen kam „Still Believe in Rock And Roll“ von The Wild! raus (das Review gibt es hier) und eigentlich hätten wir euch mittlerweile mit mindestens einem Konzertbericht dieser grandiosen Liveband versorgt. Eigentlich… Aber Not macht erfinderisch und The Wild! lassen sich natürlich nicht vom Spielen abhalten und haben ein Quarantäne Konzert gespielt, das wir euch natürlich nicht vorenthalten wollen. Einfach auf den link klicken, ein passendes Getränk holen und genießen. Im Anschluss war Frontmann Dylan so freundlich uns noch ein paar Fragen zu beantworten. Also, viel Spaß, stay wild and stay safe!

Hier der link: The Wild! Quarantäne Konzert

The Wild’s Dylan im Interview

MH: Hi Dylan, it’s Jörg from Thanks for taking the time again to answer my questions. Your new album „Still Believe in Rock And Roll“ is out now for a few weeks. But instead of watching you live on stage and having a few beers with you after the show, I’m sitting home, having a beer and watching you doing a live concert on facebook. And even that was postponed a week. What can you tell us about your first facebook gig?

Dylan: It was cool. It’s not the same as being able to play to a crowd but doing something is better than doing nothing right now and I think the fans needed it just as bad as we did.

MH: I noticed that you all kept distance on stage to each other. It seemed so unnatural, but how was it for you and the guys?

Dylan: It’s just the way it had to be for this show specifically. Under the circumstances of social distancing, we still made it work.

MH: It was somehow weird and interesting seeing you do a performance without audience. Not only we need you, I even had the impression that The Wild do need their audience going crazy in front of them. It was a good show but this connection between you and the people was missing. And exactly this is what i love most when going to a The Wild show. Do you agree?

Dylan: Absolutely. This is what makes the live experience so special. The relationship between the audience and the band is what makes the difference of a good show or a great show. We give the crowd what they need and they give us what we need. There’s nothing quite like it.

Dylan about the situation in Canada

MH: We know how it is like with the Corona situation here in germany. But what is it like in Canada? Especially for you as musicians?

Dylan: Well it isn’t ideal but it could be worse. We can’t work. The same way many of your favourite bands from all over the world can’t. Despite it being difficult for us, we are all going through this in some way and it’s important to remember that. You are not alone my friends.

MH: On the other hand you and the guys have now much more time for your families and your newborns. And hopefully for us, do you use the time for working on new songs?

Dylan: Yes, it’s nice for us to be around our kids and pets more often for sure. As for the writing, we just released a brand new record and we are very proud of it. Let’s just focus on that for awhile… 😉

MH: Dear Dylan, we all wish you, your family and the rest of The Wild Family the best. Stay safe and healthy and hopefully we see each other again in september.

Dylan: Cheers my friends. Hope to see you all soon.

The Wild! – Line-Up und Kontakt

Dylan Villain – lead guitar & vocals
The Kid – rhythm guitar
Lucas ‚Boozus‘ – bass & vocals
Crash Anderson – drums

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  • The Wild! Köln Blue Shell Beitragsbild: Laura (c)


Angefangen hat es mit einer Kassette die ich von einem Kumpel bekam mit Running Wilds "Port Royal" und "Abigail" von King Diamond. Seitdem hat es mich nicht mehr losgelassen...

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