UK Metal Merger – Interview with Mark Mynett about his involvement

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UK Metal Merger – Interview with Mark Mynett about his involvement

Today we are happy to talk to Mark Mynett, founding member and guitarist of KILL II THIS, and also music producer and a lecturer in music technology at the university of Huddersfield. The occasion is the great project going on these days under the flag of UK Metal Merger. The idea is, to gather money for the people in the music business, that are totally dependent on the work during festivals and live concerts, which is impossible for a longer time due to the ongoing covid-19-pandemic.

We from have been reporting about the gig of KILL II THIS at the RAGE AGAINST RACISM open air in 2019 here and now we wanna get in touch and see, how Mark got involved with this new project and what else is going on.

How did you get involved with UK Metal Merger?

MH: Hey Mark, great to speak to you again. The last occasion was your time at the festival here in Duisburg in 2019, where our magazine is based and where we spent some time together around your gig. That was before covid-19 came up and messed it all up quite a bit. Now we are happy to have you back here and learn something about UK Metal Merger. Can you tell us, how it all developed and how did you get involved?

MM: Hey Amir! Always a pleasure to chat with you and be involved in any way possible with the mighty site! Having a lot of friends involved in live music production from a really wide range of perspectives – sound engineers, monitor engineers, lighting designers, guitar/bass/drum/keyboard techs, tour managers, production managers, stagehands, house technicians, etc. – it quickly became obvious how incredibly hard the pandemic hit their lives and livelihoods. Whilst most musicians could at least continue with their creativity, and potentially still receive revenue from continued merchandise sales and album royalties, this was far from the case with live music crew. I know so, so many that have slipped through the gaps in government support, with many going on to lose their houses, and provide for their families via food banks. It has been a particularly grim time for them.

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It all started in the first lockdown…

So, in lockdown one, I decided that it would be a great project to start a collaboration with some great UK metal musicians, and the song just came together beautifully…I think it is a really great song, with some killer performances!   

MH: Of yourse, being a musician yourself, that is playing (and visiting) live concerts for many years, you know about the importance of the road crew. Where do you see the main goals of UK Metal Merger?

Not back to normal on 21.06.2021!

MM: To raise awareness and funds for live music crew, providing vital financial (and in some instances mental health) support aimed at preventing a catastrophic loss of skills, knowledge and experience in the UK live-music industry, to help them through the crisis they are going through. So many people just think that on June 21st, when live music is allowed to restart, that a switch will get flicked and everything will be back to normal. This is far from the case.

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MH: As far as I know, you took part as a musician and also „behind the scenes“. How much material was composed for this great idea and what was your part in that process?  

MM: In the first instance, I sent Jeff’s drum tracks to various guitarists and, after re-amping the DI parts (to provide a consistent rhythm tone) arranged these contributions into a cohesive song. I then got strings, cello, piano parts introduced via contributions from session cellist Jo Quail, and composer Mark Deeks (Winterfylleth keys), and then got bass, then numerous vocal contributions. I then mixed and mastered the song.  

MH: How did the recording etc. work with all these contact restrictions and hygienic rules due to covid-19?

MM: All carried out in isolation, Amir!

Recording of a full album and live shows…wait and see!

Rage Against Racism - 2019 - Kill II This
Rage Against Racism – 2019 – Kill II This

MH: Do you see an expansion of the project? I mean, that other musicians in England join (I’m thinking about PARADISE LOST or even IRON MAIDEN etc.)? Are there any plans for live appearances with the musicians being involved in UK Metal Merger?

MM: I would like to think so….we have already been approached about a live appearance, and there is some discussion about a full album being produced….we’ll see!

MH: Do you expect other musicians maybe also in other countries to follow the good example of UK Metal Merger and set up similar projects?

Expanding the idea to the USA and mainland Europe!!

MM: Potentially…there is discussion about the project being repeated in US, then mainland Europe.

MH: Let’s talk about yourself and the situation as a musician in these crazy times. As far as I know, after the above mentioned festival appearance KILL II THIS had the plans to record/release more music, right? What happened to these plans? Are there ideas of doing more things in the studio to use the time while live activities are delayed right now?

A new KILL II THIS-album and sound engineer for MY DYING BRIDE

MM: The new KILL II THIS-album will be ready for release in September this year, and it is sounding KILLER!

MH: Are there any ideas for live concerts for the time after the end of the pandemic?

MM: For my own part, only as front of house engineer for MY DYING BRIDE.

MH: Finally: how does the pandemic affect your job at the university? Many people switched to working online with video conferences etc. – is that possible for you?

UK Metal Merger – Interview with Mark Mynett about his involvement

Mark_Mynett_Mynetaur Productions

Trying to keep the music alive…

MM: Yes, I have continued teaching music production remotely, which certainly has its challenges!  

MH: So, we come to an end and I thank you a lot for many interesting insights in the UK Metal Merger project, things going on with KILL II THIS and more. Stay safe and healthy! All the best and hope to see you on (and behind a stage) very soon!

MM: Thanks Amir – thanks – great chatting!!

Exclusive premiere of the radio edit of „In solitude“ on!

Finally we are very happy and proud to be the first online music magazine to show this first version of the song „In solitude“ as a radio edit. The full version can be found here on on the release day: 04.05.2021!! But now, enjoy the first impression of the short clip!

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  • In Solitude Banner: Mark Mynett
  • Rage Against Racism – 2019 – Kill II This: Bildrechte beim Autor
  • Mark_Mynett_Mynetaur Productions: Mark Mynett
  • UK Metal Merger_Facebook Banner_Final.jpeg: Mark Mynett

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