RED MOON ARCHITECT – Emptiness Weighs The Most (english)


RED MOON ARCHITECT – Highly atmospheric DOOM metal

On 2020-10-23, RED MOON ARCHITECT (Facebook) from Finland will again embark on a journey through dark worlds full of beautiful dreamy melancholy with their new album „Emptiness Weighs The Most“ (Label NOBLE DEMON). And this fits perfectly with the arrival of the dark cold season. With their melodic Doom Metal, RED MOON ARCHITECT have been able to inspire many people since their foundation in 2012. It is interesting to know that the band was a solo project of Saku Moilanen at the very beginning. After the completion of the debut album „Concealed Silence“ the complete line-up was created step by step, with Saku now handling the drums and the keyboard. With the new album the band consequently follows the way of the last album „Return Of The Butterflies“.

The vocal contrast

is one of the trademarks of the current album. The singer Anni Valkonen can be heard more often with her very soulful singing compared to the previous album. I think this approach is good, because it results in dreamlike compositions and soundscapes. The growls of singer Ville Rutanen are really intense. No idea from which depths of his soul the growling bear gets the tones out, but that is extreme. Very dark and voluminous the growls gurgle out and do not miss their effect. The growls are the darkest element in the sound of RED MOON ARCHITECT. So that you know what I’m writing about, check out the video of the song „Chained“. It’s the only song that does without female vocals.

In my opinion the growls are primarily an additional sound component of RED MOON ARCHITECT. Here it is more about creating certain moods, which works really well. The comprehensibility of the lyrics is neglected. In the long run, I think a certain monotony would develop, but this is skilfully prevented by the interaction with Annis singing. Even more… This contrasting vocal image between the very distinctive growls and the female clean vocals is perfectly realised here and creates fantastic listening experiences. The song „Rise“, for example, shows this very clearly.


RED MOON ARCHITECT create a beguilingly beautiful work of art of melancholy that will touch your souls. They rely on the meanwhile very often used contrast programme with male and female vocals. Excessively dark growls are accompanied by fantastic melodies and contrast impressively with the soulful female vocals. Everything melts together with the endless harmonic instrumentation. As highlights I also clearly see the sequences in which Anni and Ville act together and both voices sound simultaneously. This creates a special feeling and gets under your skin. These are epic moments in pure form. All in all the mix of all components makes a really good impression and exerts a great fascination. The songs create a damn dense atmosphere that you can’t escape and in which you can get lost wonderfully.

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You can find the german version of the review right HERE!



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