Interview with Jeff Singer about his contribution to UK Metal Merger

Jeff Singer - Photo 03 (c) Jeff Singer - Beitragsbild

Interview with Jeff Singer about his contribution to UK Metal Merger

Today we from are hooking up with well known british drummer Jeff Singer, who has played the drums in various bands during his career. Most impressing in the past probably his work with PARADISE LOST, and right now he is active with the famous MY DYING BRIDE and also still involved with the great band KILL II THIS. We want to ask him a few questions about the great idea of UK Metal Merger (here is a first news about the project) and how he got involved there. Also, as we would like to take a look at his personal situation as a musician in this covid-19-pandemic. Let’s go.

MH: Hi Jeff, great to talk to you again. The last occasion was the chat about MY DYING BRIDE in January 2020 (you can find that here), that was before it all began with the worldwide spreading of covid-19…now we are happy to have you back here and learn something more. First of all, let’s talk about the idea of UK Metal Merger. Who is the one with the idea behind that project and how did you get involved?

The idea behind UK Metal Merger and how it started

JS: Hi Amir. Thanks for having me on to discuss the project. My long term band mate and excellent producer Mark Mynett got in touch with me last summer to say, he had an idea to make a song involving a wide variety of musicians to help with fundraising and try and assist all of the crews and engineers in the music industry affected by the Covid crisis. The problem is, this crisis is wider than anyone comprehends and to get back to any sort of ’normal‘ will be very difficult. We take all of these crew guys for granted, but without them all of the shows we love, just wouldn’t happen and now they all falling through the cracks and some are in real trouble.


I recorded drums for the song ‚In Solitude‘ and then Mark sent the files out to a range of musicians who kindly contributed remotely. The song is over 12 minutes and showcases the wealth of talent our genre is blessed to have.

MH: As a musician, that is playing (and visiting) live concerts for decades, you of course know about the importance of the road crew. Where do you see the main goals of UK Metal Merger?

Now it’s time to help the crews

JS: We have to help these people. Some have lost their homes, some have had to take any job just to try and make ends meet. If we lose this experience and talent, how will it be replaced all around the world?  They are the first to step up for charity shows, when asked and they give their time freely. Now it is their turn. I say to people not to turn their backs. A little contribution from every one can go a long way.

MH: Do you see an expansion of the project, meaning more musicians to join? Are there any plans for live appearances as soon, as the pandemic allows to gain even more money?

Covid-19 makes it difficult to come together

JS: This year for obvious reasons will mean it is very difficult to get anything together for such a complex project with so many musicians. There has been talk of the project being taken to other territories to get musicians from different countries involved, but nothing has been confirmed to me…and I said any musicians can be involved…but the drums stay!  😊

Interview with Jeff Singer about his contribution to UK Metal Merger

Jeff Singer - Photo 01 (c) Jeff Singer

MH: Let’s talk about yourself and the situation as a musician in these crazy times. There had been dates booked with MY DYING BRIDE for big festivals like the GRASPOP METAL MEETING and then – due to the ongoing pandemic – been postponed to 2022. I’m sure, when a musician records new material, he wants to go out there and play it for an audience. How do you feel with the breakdown of the live music scene at the moment?

Cancelled shows bring frustration, big festivals were booked

JS: The breakdown of these shows is really worrying and frustrating. This is the second year, which affects the touring cycle for „Ghost Of Orion“ and „Macabre Cabaret“ (MY DYING BRIDE’s two releases in 2020). We haven’t played one show to support and we were looking forward to festivals with IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST amongst others. The other side is that I worry about, is promoters going bust, experienced staff being lost and the prospect that these annual shows we know and love may simply be lost.

MH: Are there any plans, safe enough to talk about, regarding future live appearances? Or are there ideas of doing more things in the studio to use the time while live activities are delayed so much?

A new MY DYING BRIDE-album…!?

JS: Unfortunately our gigs seem to be dropping off one by one because of the impact of the virus, but we are rehearsing and throwing around new ideas for an album, but it is early days. It is good to see each other and to blow away the rustiness when playing. KILL II THIS are recording a short stream for UK Metal Merger for release on May 1st as a run up to the „In Solitude“ release on May 4th.

Jeff Singer - Photo 02 (c) Jeff Singer

MH: Finally: there is a big interest from companies regarding endorsements for their products these days. Can you tell us, what was/is going on there and how it came up!?

Waiting for live gigs to use the great equipment – Jeff Singer

JS: Things have been a bit mad. I have never been so busy. I had a custom British Drum Company kit delivered last September with all of their new hardware set to arrive later this year. I have a signature stick deal with the fantastic Wincent company from Sweden. I have Remo, Sabian, Hardcase and Roland really on board and have just agreed to use Drum Workshop pedals. I have another thing in discussion, but I can’t talk about that yet. I am a very lucky boy. I just need some gigs to get everything out of the boxes!

MH: So, we come to an end and I thank you a lot for many interesting insights in the UK Metal Merger project, things going on with MY DYING BRIDE and more. Stay safe and healthy! All the best and hope to see you on (and behind a stage) very soon!

JS: To everyone there too. Thanks for your time and interest.

Jeff Singer – ready to hit the stages…

Jeff Singer - Photo 03 (c) Jeff Singer

To remind you at the end of this interview, we from would like to let you know, that you can help directly right here with a donation.

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  • Jeff Singer – Photo 01 (c) Jeff Singer: Jeff Singer
  • Jeff Singer – Photo 02 (c) Jeff Singer: Jeff Singer
  • Jeff Singer – Photo 03 (c) Jeff Singer: Jeff Singer
  • Jeff Singer – Photo 03 (c) Jeff Singer – Beitragsbild: Jeff Singer

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