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As things are moving onwards, we had the spontaneous chance to chat with drummer Jeff Singer (KILL II THIS, Ex-PARADISE LOST) about his recent work with MY DYING BRIDE.

It´s amazing, how fast time is moving. The last time we did an interview was at the end of 2018, so I think it´s nice to hook up and talk about the latest developments. The last time the focus was totally on your band KILL II THIS.

What is going on?

MH: so to start this interview, maybe you can give us a little update on what is going there right now? In how far are the negotiations regarding an album or more touring activities apart from the UK (as you did recently)?

JS: With KILL II THIS there is no real pressure. We feel strongly that when something is ready to release, we will put something new out. The new album is finished, in fact the drums were done a year ago. Mark is now mixing the album and then we will decide, what we want to do in terms of a release. What is interesting is, that KILL II THIS is now nearly 25 years old and there are a whole generation of fans, that don’t know who we are. When we played the Rage Against Racism last year (2019), we went down really well, but most people had never heard of us before, despite our heavy touring schedule in the first ten years of the band.

MH: your latest efforts successfully involved you in the recording of the new MY DYING BRIDE album. Please tell us, how that came up.

How the work with MY DYING BRIDE came up

JS: Mark Mynett (KILL II THIS guitar player) is also a very talented producer and was asked by MDB to get involved in production for their new album for Nuclear Blast. The album is a big comeback for the band after 5 years and has to be right. Mark had discussed me with the band and they asked, if I was interested in recording the album. This is a real honor, being asked by such an established band to get involved and I would not have wanted to turn the opportunity down. Even though I have toured in the same circles as the band for over 20 years and they come from the same area, as my previous group PARADISE LOST we had never actually met and I recorded the album without even meeting the band. They were very trusting of the partnership and experience Mark and I have together.

MH: there are some big festivals (like the GRASPOP METAL MEETING in Belgium in June), where MY DYING BRIDE are booked. Can you tell us more about the touring plans in 2020/2021…is there a headline tour being planned too?

MY DYING BRIDE - Promo photo

Rare live appearances in 2020

JS: The band historically does not tour heavily and every gig offer is checked out individually. I don’t know of any touring plans at the moment. The band are concentrating on festivals and easing their way back after being away from the scene for a long time.

MH: working with big names in the scene (like it happened with PARADISE LOST in the past), you get more attention of the companies in the drum business. That lead to a new endorsment deal. Please let us know, what company that is and what the cooperation is about. Also tell us, what other endorsements you have right now.

JS: It is always an honor to be endorsed and I have been lucky to have had some great deals in my career with amazing companies but endorsements have changed and ‚free things‘ are really rare now. I have just signed to British Drum Company, who make the most incredible sounding drums, I have ever heard. They are based in my home town and are expanding fast. They have signed Nicko McBrain from IRON MAIDEN, they have Simon Dawson from Steve Harris‘ BRITISH LION, Pete Jupp from FM as well as CORROSION OF CONFORMITY. They are a really exciting company with a great pedigree and I am honored to be involved in my own small way. Jerome Marcus, who signed me to Sabian Cymbals in 2001 said, sign if you love the product, not for free stuff and it is true. I have been with Sabian for nearly 20 years, Remo drum heads for nearly 25 years and last year I signed with Roland V Drums. I am about to sign a new drumstick deal, which is exciting too. I feel very lucky and proud to have this status.

PARADISE LOST – a book and respected friends

MH: talking about PARADISE LOST…how it your contact to the guys nowadays, as you had some years of a musical career together?

JS: We have banter on Facebook and I text with Greg every so often. I love and miss those guys and there is a lot of respect there. I played with them at their 30th anniversary show last year, which was awesome too. A biography book called „No Celebration“ has just been released, which I did a long interview for. I am looking forward to reading the book and seeing what people really thought!

Jeff Singer - Promo photo
Jeff Singer

MH: as we got in touch for this interview, you told me, how much you were touched by the death of a great drummer. I´m talking about Neil Peart of RUSH, who just died (from brain cancer, I believe!?). In how far was he an influence for your drumming? Name other drummers, that had an impact on your style or got you into drumming at all. Can you remember the very beginning of it all…please let us know.

Idols and inspirations

JS: This really hurt. More than Lemmy, more than Bowie. He was an icon. I am not the biggest RUSH fan, but I loved his playing, his inspirational outlook and he is a classic hero to many. I have too many heroes and people I respect to name individually. I believe you can learn from everyone. As a kid I loved Clive Burr and then Nicko from IRON MAIDEN, Nigel Glockler, Tommy Lee, Vinnie Appice, Dave Lombardo, Pete Jupp, Jerry Gaskill, Tommy Aldridge…the list is endless and I am still star struck by all of these guys.

MH: as we come to an end, I´d ask you to tell us your expectations (and wishes/hopes) fort he year 2020…musically and also personally etc.

JS: Firstly, to be happy and healthy. We had a couple of family shocks this year (2019), which made us think nothing should be taken for granted. I can’t wait to get out with MDB and play shows.

MH: Jeff, thank you very much for your time and the pleasure to hear a lot of interesting things today. Hope to see you in person on the road this year and maybe as a guest at the RAGE AGAINST RACISM 2020…

Before we end today, we want to give everybody a first taste of the new MY DYING BRIDE-album, which is set for a release on 06.03.2020. Here we go:

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  • MY DYING BRIDE – Promo photo: John Steel
  • Jeff Singer – Promo photo: John Steel
  • MY DYING BRIDE – Promo photo – Beitragsbild: John Steel

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