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Ende April erschien mit „Unbreakable“ ein neuer Longplayer von New Years Day, der bei mir zwar nicht auf ungeteilte Begeisterung gestoßen ist. Das Warum könnt ihr gerne hier noch einmal nachlesen. Aber mehr als Grund genug Gitarrist Nikki Misery mit ein paar Fragen zu nerven. Bevor seine Antworten kommen, gibt es erst einmal „Shut Up“ auf die Ohren und für die Augen:


New Years Day dealing with ignorant questions

Metal-Heads (MH): Hi Nikki, it’s Jörg of Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Your new album „Unbreakable“ is out for a few weeks now. Are you happy with the reactions to it?

Nikki Misery (NM): Absolutely! With this album we’ve taken our own risks musically and to have everyone singing the words and rocking out with us makes it a success already.

(MH): You got two guys helping with the songwriting for this album. What can you tell us about them? And to be a little mean… 😉 Why did you need help with the songwriting?

(NM): Yes Mitch Marlow and Scott Stevens they’ve really pulled out emotions and sound sonically from me, from the band, that we didn’t realize we had in us. They’ve guided us to makes what’s best for the song and all in all, that’s what it’s all about. Haha no it’s not a mean question, just an ignorant one. We chose these producers based off their common sonic interests with their work with other bands such as All That Remains, In This Moment, etc. but research always helps.

New Years Day – more personal and not giving a fuck

(MH): Thy lyrics are really personal und encouraging. That’s something I like and when I’m right this is somehow new to you. Can you tell us something about how you came with the lyrics for the album?

(NM): The lyrics on this album were more straight forward. Direct and to the point, no fucking around. That’s where we are at this current time. A bit more life.

(MH): In my review I wrote that you sound like metal goes pop or pop goes metal. And compared New Years Day with Pink and Gwen Stefani and said if you want a metal-version of them you have to grab „Unbreakable“. Is that something you can relate with or would you rather say fuck off you stupid journalist?

(NM): Haha I’ll go with both answers. People call it what they want, I could care less. As long as you dig it, head bang, shake your hips, who cares what it called.

(MH): For me personally „Unbreakable“ sounded sometimes to modern . But I know on stage is often a different thing. So, what do you sound live and what can we expect when we see you on stage?

(NM): On stage we have this punk rock theatric and nihilistic energy, if you really wanna see what we about, come to the show.

New Years Day touring with Halestorm and In This Moment

(MH): That leads directly to my next question. You are coming to Germany in november for a few shows and it is an really interesting package. Halestorm, In This Moment and New Years Day… Who came up with the idea and what can we expect?

(NM): The fans came up with the idea. This is a tour that the fans have been screaming for, begging for, and for years and we made it happen. And with bands like Halestorm, In This Moment, and NYD, you’re asking what to expect? One hell of a rock show, I’ll tell you that.

(MH): Thanks again for you time and I hope to see you this fall in Germany. I’m sure you will rock the stage.

(NM): Thanks for the confidence! ☺️


New Years Day – Kontakt und Tourdates

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16.11.2019 – München, Tonhalle
18.11.2019 – Offenbach, Capitol
19.11.2019 – Hamburg, Große Freiheit
20.11.2019 – Amsterdam, AFAS Live (Niederlande)

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