Santa Cruz – Interview mit Bassist Middy

Santa Cruz 2017

Mitte November erschien mit „Bad Blood Rising“ das dritte Album der finnischen Formation Santa Cruz und konnte uns vollauf überzeugen, wie ihr HIER nachlesen könnt. Als sich die Chance bot, ein kurzes Interview mit Bassist Mitja „Middy“ Toivonen zu führen, konnten wir uns diese Gelegenheit natürlich nicht entgehen lassen. Im folgenden Beitrag erfahrt ihr im englischen Originalwortlaut, was uns der Mann an der 4-Saitigen Klampfe zu erzählen hat.

Santa Cruz – Das Interview mit Mitja „Middy“ Toivonen

Hello, I’m Uwe from (Mh) and I’m glad that you find the time to answer me a few questions!

Mh: Santa Cruz was founded in 2007, so the band exists for 10 years now. Maybe some of our readers still don’t know you. Can you please introduce yourself in a few words?

Santa Cruz (SC):Well we’re a Helsinki based Hard Rock four piece. So far we’ve put out 3 albums the latest Bad Blood Rising came out 10.11. Even though we have our roots in hard rock we are mixing it up with some more modern influences from other genres. But at the end of the day best way is to check our new album out and make one’s own conclusions.

In Finnland hält man zusammen

Mh: Your music is influenced by bands like Guns N’ Roses or Mötley Crüe. That’s not typical for finish bands. The finish music scene is better known for Symphonic Metal bands like Nightwish or Death/Black Metal Bands. I think it’s not so easy for you to get attention in Finland. Am I right?

SC:Well we stand out pretty easily from other bands since we’re different, so rather than seeing it as a negative thing I see it as an advantage. If we’d be just another metal band trying to make it out of Finland we would have ourselves quite a competition. I also feel that Finnish bands have each other’s backs pretty good. We’re such a small country that we have to stick together.

Das neue Album „Bad Blood Rising“

Mh: I like your new album “Bad Blood Rising” very much. You have to be very proud of it. Do you think it’s your best album, yet?

SC:In my opinion, yes it is. That’s the point when you should get worried as an artist if even you yourself don’t see your latest work as your best.

Mh: “Breathe” and “Bad Habits Die Hard” are my personal favorites on your new album? Witch songs are the bands favorites?

SC:Those songs along the side of Get Me Out Of California are my favorites too so I gotta say you have a pretty exquisite taste.

Santa Cruz live in Deutschland

Mh: In December you will come to Germany for a few concerts. What can we expect? Are you planning more concerts in Germany next year?

SC:This is the first time we’re gonna play in Germany as a headline act so people can expect a whole bunch of stuff from the new album without forgetting our older songs. It’s a full on Cruz show and we’re definitely planning to do more dates in 2018, just can’t give you the exact dates yet.

Die letzten Worte

Mh: The last words are always reserved for a personal message. What would you like to tell your fans?

SC:Check out the new album and come catch us on our German dates. Much love.


Thank you and good luck for the future!

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  • Santa Cruz 2017: CMM GmbH


Fast 35 Jahre als Metal-Fan hat es gebraucht, bis ich es endlich geschafft habe, ins heilige Metal-Land nach Wacken zu kommen! Auf diese Weise erleuchtet, hoffe ich auf mindestens noch 50 Jahre Musik "Louder Than Hell"!

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