EMMURE – Neues Video & Neues Album

EMMURE – Neues Video & Neus Album

EMMURE mit neuem Video und neuem Album

Emmure kündigen für den Frühling ein neues Album und auch ein Video an. Die Band wird „Look at Yourself“ am 3. März 2017 über Nuclear Blast Entertainment veröffentlichen. metal-heads.de hat sämtliche Informationen zum Album sowie die Videosingles in der Übersicht aufgelistet.

Hier, die Videos

Gossip der ersten Liga

Frontmann Frankie Palmeri stand in den letzten Monaten mehr durch Skandale als durch Musik in den Medien. Da wäre zum Beispiel die eigene Kleidungsmarke „Cold Soul“. Frankie präsentiere diverse Shirts mit Grafiken vom Columbine Massaker und aus dem Film American History X. Ergänzt wurden die Grafiken mit Sprüchen wie „Shot first, ask later“ oder „Violence as a way of Life“. Was folgte, war ein riesen Shitstorm über die sozialen Medien und der Frontmann schloss seinen Shop. Selbst zu einem Shirtdesign zum neuen Album „Look at Yourself“ gab es Ärger und Frankie musste sich dafür rechtfertigen:

Look At Yourself‘ is about all the mistakes in my life, or things that i’ve had to figure out the hard way. its about self examination and really just taking a good, long, hard look at myself and exposing those parts of me, and also exposing other parts of other people.

The shirt design is in no way endorsing nor portraying domestic violence. the art was not meant to depict a beaten women, but a person with drug related issues. it was meant to portray a person who ignores all of their problems in life, someone who can look in the mirror and not see the issues they truly have. that was the whole basis of the product title “reflection”

This was a design that was presented to me by my management team, that i personally was not a big fan of the way it was illustrated. but in all honesty i didn’t even think about it from that perspective. the whole idea had always been about self reflection and a piece of artwork that we tried to associate with the emotions of the record.

We even intended to release another version similar to this for our upcoming tour; but instead of a girls face it would be my own face with the ink changing to depict a disgusting person.

The world is a beautiful place filled with disgust, it’s time to take a step back and look at yourself if you want to move forward.

Cover & Tracklist

emmure - look at yourself

1. You Asked For It
2. Shinjuku Masterlord
3. Smokey
4. Natural Born Killer
5. Flag Of The Beast
6. Ice Man Confessions
7. Russian Hotel Aftermath
8. Call Me Numb
9. Major Key Alert
10. Turtle In A Hare Machine
11. Torch
12. Derelict
13. Gucci Prison



  • emmure – look at yourself: amazon.de
  • EMMURE – Neues Video & Neus Album: amazon.de


Die Basis für den Lärm den ich heute höre, legten in meiner Kindheit Elvis und The Rolling Stones. Beide Künstler sind „always on my mind“.

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