Mead & Greed Festival 2020 – Heidevolk im Interview


Zu gerne hätten wir ab dem morgigen Freitag, den 27. März 2020, mit euch das 3. Mead & Greed Festival gefeiert. Vorgesehen war ein Zweitages-Spektakel im Resonanzwerk Oberhausen. Wir von wären erstmals als offiziellem Medienpartner mit im Team dabei gewesen. Wir hatten daher bereits unsere Fotografen und Redakteure brav auf beide Festival-Tage verteilt, Vorab-Interviews mit sämtlichen Bands eingestiehlt…und dann kam das Corona-Virus. Daher präsentieren wir euch heute schweren Herzens unser Interview mit dem Headliner des Mead & Greed: hier geht´s zum Gespräch mit den sympathischen Jungs von Heidevolk.

Headliner aus den Niederlanden stellt sich vor Hello to the guys from Heidevolk. As I asked all the other bands before to introduce themselves to our readers of I will ask you the same. Although I guess a lot of people will have heard from you before…;-)
Heidevolk: Sure, there are always people new to our music. Heidevolk is a pagan folk metal band from the Netherlands. We sing about history, myths and legends connected to our home. With 2 guitars, a bass guitar, drums and 2 singers..yes, correct: with 2 singers we are a bit less then ordinary. Needless to say the dual clean male vocals are a trademark of our style but there is more to it; fast metal riffs, epic battle hymns and folkloric soundscapes with a live show to match it. I think that sums it up, ah just come over and experience it yourself 😉

Das erste Mal für Heidevolk – im Resonanzwerk Thanks for this introduction and a heartly welcome to you. Heidevolk is the headliner of the Mead & Greed Festival in Oberhausen. The two day festival moved to a new location, the Resonanzwerk. I guess you have never played there before. Right?
Heidevolk: Correct, we did not. So it will be a first time for both is and the festival! And what a line-up, great! Well, the aim of this festival is to bring different styles of Folk, Pagan, Middleage Rock and Metal together. Another aim of the festival organizers is to set a sign against Racism and right violence. This is the reason why our magazine supports this festival idea beeing the official media partner. How is your attitude to all this?

„Music should unite, not divide“

Heidevolk: It is great to be part of this festival. The different styles in the genre fit well together and will inspire many a metalhead or folky to dig down for their roots and celebrate folkore and tradition. As for the other aim, sure anyone getting left out for whatever reason is not acceptable. That said I would like to point out that Heidevolk is a band not a political vessel. Music should unite, not divide. Coming to your band. Heidevolk is popular for the melodic singing with two male voices as we can hear in your latest music video „A Wolf in my heart“ for example. You eighter sing in your native language Dutch or in English language. Did you ever think about singing a song in German language?

Warum nicht mal ein Lied auf Deutsch singen?

Heidevolk: True, 90% of our songs is in Dutch. It is our mother tongue and therefore the best way to voice thoughts and feeling. The English songs are that way because the theme asked for it. For example “A Wolf in my Heart” is based on the story about Offa of Angel, who later became king in a part of England. So maybe we’ll do a song in German when we have a theme that needs the language. Our singers would need proper German speech training though hahaha… Your recent album was published in 2018 and is called „Vuur van Verzet.“ Your fans are waiting for new songs I guess. So can you tell us about your upcoming plans?
Heidevolk: Of course we are working on a successor. The album cycle is almost complete, after the M&G festival we’ll head to North Amerika for the final big tour. After that we’ll be working on songs an record an album later this year. It is to early to tell you about the theme but as expected it will feel new in a sense but you’ll know it is Heidevolk.

Heidevolk bieten das volle Programm Will we hear this new song (s) at the end of March in Oberhausen then? This would be great news and another kick for the music fans to buy tickets for the Mead & Greed Festival. So for the people who have never seen a live show from Heidevolk: please tell them now, why they (must) have to come over to Oberhausen on March 28th seeing you play live on stage:
Heidevolk: Haha, we wish, though it is a bit to early to play a new song. We can however offer a complete show with new songs as well as older less known songs. It won’t disappoint, i promise you that.


Nach zwei Jahren wieder in Oberhausen Now we are even more happy to see playing live again so soon here in Oberhausen. Well, the last words always belong to our interview guest. So please: what will you tell your fans, our readers and all people out there?
Heidevolk: Oberhausen, it has been 2 years since we last played your city. We can’t wait to be back and we are honored to be invited to the Meed & Greed Festival! If you’re up for a party or just a serious night of music, you won’t regret attending this festival. Dank U well for taking you time for this interview.
Heidevolk: Nice, alstublieft en we zien jullie op het festival!

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