AGONY ATLAS – „Retrogression Part I: Egomania“ (english)

Progressive Metal Core

On 2020-10-01 metalcore fans should turn to the band AGONY ATLAS. The reason is the small but remarkable release of the mini EP (three songs) „Retrogression Part I: Egomania“ by AGONY ATLAS (Facebook) from Koblenz in Germany. The female fronted band goes on an end time course and makes your ears tremble. So the message of the band should be hammered into everyone’s head.

Mission of AGONY ATLAS

The idea behind the band project is the following. In a fictitious future in the year 2095 the earth is on the verge of destruction (if it will last that long). A group of leading scientists of the United Nations sees no other option than to send a task force through contemporary history. This task force will be called AGONY ATLAS and will be sent back to 2020 to shake up humanity. It is to drastically remind mankind of what is to be expected if they continue along the path they have taken so far.

Brutal and uncompromising

AGONY ATLAS will be at work. One feels directly reminded of greats like JINJER or ARCH ENEMY. And you have to admit that the power and vehemence of AGONY ATLAS is also noticeably present. Fat riffs, bloodcurdling drums with crass bass and in addition the merciless voice of frontwoman Liane Walter, which goes right through you. Now enough of the words…. Let’s take a look at the song „Economy Class“, which has a dark apocalyptic path. The tempo is moderate, but this does not stop the power of the song.

Well, that’s a lot of pressure. The band interprets the metalcore sound impressively and succeeds in creating a great dark atmosphere, which gains additional expression through atmospheric synths. So the songs sometimes even take on epic traits. The song „Hymn Of Hatred“ is an example of this. Really a crass song, which also picks up speed with thrashy parts in between.

The mixture makes it

I find the damn powerful guttural singing outstanding, especiallyI think the singing is excellent, especially as you hear the lyrics clearly. This is not always the case with this vocal style. The songs are entertaining and in any case don’t let you get bored. They are real neck-breakers and fulfill their mission excellently. In between the songs there is a fat groove, see for example the song „Hymn Of Hatred“ from 01:20 min. AGONY ATLAS move beyond borders and combine Metalcore with various elements of Industrial-, Black- and Death-Metal .

A first class production

comes on top of it. For the mix and mastering nobody less than Alyosha Victory could be engaged. In his Pitchback Studios he has already refined the songs of bands like ESKIMO CALLBOY, AUGUST BURNS RED, ANY GIVEN DAY and WE BUTTER THE BREAD WITH BUTTER. And these names should be familiar to everyone. Let’s hope that AGONY ATLAS will be able to reach the level of fame of this illustrious company. They have what it takes! Unfortunately there are only three songs, so it’s difficult to give points, but for the existing potential I give away 8 points and hope for more soon.

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  • Egomania-EP-Cover: Cover EP über AGONY ATLAS
  • Bewertung Daumen Hoch 8-MH-2-: Feuerzeug-Comfreak / Daumen -Clker-Free-Vector-Images--Thanks to pixabay
  • Agony-Atlas-Promo-Pic-1-skaliert: Bandfoto über AGONY ATLAS

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